Инструкция toyota vitz 2000 года

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Engine available ranges from 1 to 1.5-litres starting with the basic B variant to the sporty RS variant featuring a sports package and minor cosmetic bits on its interior and minor tweaks to its suspension. Gear ratios for this transmission. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Reverse Final 3.166 1.904 1.310 0.969 0.725 3.250 4.312 (Sera) Applications: Toyota Sera: chassis EXY10, engine 5E-FHE C250[edit] A 5-Speed Manual Transmission for FWD cars. The CE, LE, and RS packages were replaced by the more modular convenience, power, and all-weather guard packages. When sales commenced in the Canadian market this was not the case, with Toyota opting to fit a conventional speedometer, still mounted in the center of the dashboard. In 2003 the facelifted ‘Phase 2’ Vitz was released with different bumpers and ‘teardrop’ front lights. Then I get a voicemail from them saying that they’ve tried several times to contact me and was I still interested. No one ever tried to contact me.

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