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Corroder uses his acid weapons to create a smokescreen and escape. Indeed, from the front, Rocka XL doesn’t look all too terrible. The six heroes, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, Nex, Stringer and the New rookie, Rocka now with animal powers, must travel to Quatros and stop the villain from killing the planet. And of course the back of Rocka XL’s torso is fairly empty, revealing the array of technic pieces used to reinforce the legs and arms. Цитата Стихи Александра Сергеевича Пушкина вот уже почти 200 лет любимы и почитаемы во всем мире. Toybuzz also praised the packaging that the Hero sets come with, stating that the plastic tubes are great for organization and for keeping the sets tidy.[10] References[edit] External links[edit].

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