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Patients should notify their surgeon if they have had previous difficulties with pain medications or pain control. She brings up a 2015 study in Nature Communications that rethinks communication between surface-level keratinocytes and deeper melanocytes. All surgeries done to repair the rotator cuff, whether performed through open incisions or using the arthroscope, are designed to replace the rotator cuff to its original site, called the insertion. Expect everything you would in a high-end expensive facial (good massage, prescriptive layering and that elusive attention to detail) as well as the brightening and smoothing effect you always get from Clarins’ botanical rich skincare. A great monthly anti-ageing fix for any skin. Other treatments are injectable hair-loss treatments and filler injections into hands which are popular especially with brides to be. ____________________ Acupuncturist Feng Zhi Chao MD (Beijing) PhD (Edinburgh) MBAcC Feng has over 30 years’ experience in both orthodox and Chinese Medicine.

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