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Biosyst Eng. 2009;102:22–30.View ArticleGoogle ScholarTilly N, Hoffmeister D, Cao Q, Huang SY, Lenz-Wiedemann V, Miao YX, et al. Plant J. 2004;38:358–65.PubMedView ArticleGoogle ScholarKjaer KH, Ottosen CO. 3D laser triangulation for plant phenotyping in challenging environments. Neither for maize (Fig. 6) nor for soybean (Fig. 7) different growth patterns could be detected by TLS for different genotypes in this study. For most of the measurement points, the reference measurements were higher compared to the TLS-derived values.Fig. 6 Maize canopy height growth. Time intervals between measurements were often in the range of weeks if ever several scans were made and until now, to our knowledge, no one examined the temporal resolution limits of TLS on canopy height growth of crops in the field. The canopies were scanned with a commercially available 3D laser scanner and canopy height growth over time was analyzed with a novel and simple approach using spherical targets with fixed positions during the whole season.

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