Инструкция alsamixer

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Switch one of the input channels off: Go to Input Devices tab and ensure you have the Internal Audio Analog Stereo or just Internal Audio Analog displayed by selecting All input devices from the Display drop-down list. Then load the snd-seq-oss, snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss kernel modules to enable OSS emulation. ALSA and Systemd The alsa-utils package comes with systemd unit configuration files alsa-restore.service and alsa-state.service by default. What I suggest, configure your kernel and ALSA according to Jack installation instructions for providing low latency audio. Testing It’s good to be able to test things as you go a long to see what affect configuration changes have. Again, I want to have my other devices configured before setting up the PDAudioCF, so I simply wait until I have everything else working as desired before inserting the card.

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