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All you need to do is tap the browser tile on the Start screen to launch, tap into the address bar and use the keyboard to enter the URL and take advantage of the refresh button on the left when necessary. Next, with your phone connected to your computer, open Windows Explorer and drag the MP3 file to the phone icon in the bottom-left corner of the Zune sync software. This can be adjusted in the ellipses menu, where you can tap “Choose Background” to apply a specific image, “Shuffle Background” to have the phone randomly pick a photo or access the “Settings” view. Appoint-ments can be created or edited via the calendar. As long as your phone is connected to the web this will sync with your Exchange account. 6.6 Sharing and Saving Documents with SharePoint and SkyDrive Various methods exist for users to share and save documents on a Windows Phone. Although USB tethering is not supposed to be possible on Windows Phone devices according to the specifications imposed by Microsoft, some manufacturers have added this facility via the backdoor, namely Samsung, LG and Dell. HTC phones cannot be tethered natively in this way.

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