Фотоаппарат самсунг dv150f инструкция

Page 9 When you capture a photo with your camera, the photo is saved to the smart phone automatically. Samsung ST150F Модель ST150F относится к линейке фотоаппаратов Stylish. Page 100: Viewing Files On A Tv Viewing files on a TV Play back photos or videos by connecting your camera to a TV with the A/V cable. On the Home screen, scroll to . Turn on your TV, and then select the A/V video source. Page 8 Special features of your camera Using the DIRECT LINK button Setting a DIRECT LINK button option You can select a Wi-Fi function to launch when you press the DIRECT LINK button.

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Icon Description Motion Capture: While you are pressing [Shutter], the camera… Page 81: Adjusting Images Adjusting images Adjust the sharpness, contrast, or saturation of your photos. In Shooting mode, press [m]. Press [F/t] to adjust each value. PlanetFirst represents Samsung Electronics’ commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility through eco-driven business and management activities.

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Samsung please update this app so people can start using it again but until then I won’t be buying another wifi compatible camera from Samsung. Page 53: Children Mode, Using The Children Mode Using Scene modes Customizing the front display Using the Children mode You can let subjects know when to smile or attract their attention to the lens.

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Page 123 Sending photos or videos via email Scroll to files to send, and then press [o]. • Even if a photo appears to have transferred successfully, errors with the • You can select up to 20 files. Differing from most of the latest generation digital compacts, there’s no dedicated red record button for instantly commencing recording, which might have been the easiest route. But sometimes I’m not near my computer and I want to share the pictures. It’s also confusing that there’s a different app for different models… I tried all of them, but this is the only one that works with my camera.

Интересной особенностью данных фотоаппаратов является гибридный пользовательский интерфейс, т.е. Вы можете перемещаться по меню как при помощи физических клавиш, так и просто используя дисплей, который в данных моделях является сенсорным. Page 55: Beauty Shot Mode, Using The Beauty Shot Mode Using Scene modes Capturing animated jump shots Using the Beauty Shot mode Capture multiple jump shots, and then save them as a GIF animation. Page 66: Selecting An Image Quality Selecting a resolution and quality Selecting an image quality Set a photo quality setting. The lens starts at a wide 35mm-equivalent focal length of 25mm, so you can fit in all the action when you’re shooting, and zooms to 125mm for close-ups.

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