Acer aspire e1-531 инструкция

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Press the Windows key;… Page 67: Can I Boot Directly To The Desktop, How Do I Jump Between Apps Frequently asked questions — 67 Can I boot directly to the desktop? Pull out the optical drive, but I found it is not a real optical drive, it’s a bracket just like dvd drive. I do not understand why Acer not install a real optical drive. Page 27: Returning Your System To Its Factory Condition, Recovering From Windows Recovering from a recovery backup on page Recovering from Windows Start Acer Recovery Management: • From Start, type ’Recovery’ and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps. Preparing the computer Prepare the computer as if you were taking it home. Page 54: Preparing The Computer, What To Bring With You, Special Considerations 54 — Traveling with your computer When you are moving from country to country. The optical drive bracket Turn over the laptop, starting to pry up the palm rest with a guitar pick.Insert the guitar picks between the palm rest and base.Open the palm rest, be careful, touchpad cable still connected to the motherboard.

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