Krystal clear saltwater system cs15220 инструкция

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Also if the filter tank is not level, channeling can occur. If the sand bed is channeled, high water flow through the channeled area will break up the sand and allow it to return to the pool. The best way to determine the optimal length of time to operate your system is to experiment with different operating lengths of time, and to test the amount of chlorine in your pool using the chlorine test strips provided by INTEX. See Owner’s Manual for operating time table list. Убедитесь, что вы используете соль без йодаИспользуйте только чистую (99,8%), соль (NaCl) без йода. Set the generator, so that it runs near the time you usually swim, but not while you are swimming. While the crystal-clear pool may have some larger pieces or bugs in it, that issue can be corrected easily with a net. If you want to keep your saltwater pool sparkly clean, it’s best to invest in a pool vacuum or skimmer. Not only does the all-natural and inexpensive sand do an excellent job of filtering particles out of the water, it needs replacement only once every 5 years.

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